Flaming wood

Long-lasting woodworking solutions using Japanese wood burning technology

1. Rustik oak
2. Mahagany
3. Graphite grey
4. Platinum grey
5. White
6. Nut wood
7. Pine
8. Chestnut
9. Ebony
10. Sand grey
11. Palisander
12. Clay grey



A fence is not just about protection from strangers. Fences give privacy to your life. The fence can also be an additional decoration for your exterior. We specialize in wooden fences. This type of fence is used very widely – from fencing of rural homesteads to modern town houses. By easily applying the design of the fence, you will give your home exclusivity and uniqueness.



We have a very wide selection of facades. We can offer wood products of various profiles. In order to maintain the commercial appearance of the house for a long time, we use exclusively high-quality wood. We make siding from larch and conifers – spruce and pine. Whatever tree you choose, durability and quality are guaranteed. Larch has an extremely high density, strength and does not rot. Spruce and pine – durability, resistance to moisture. An important aspect of wood is its treatment, as this is what gives the wood even more durability, longevity and resistance to environmental factors.



Cozy terrace near the house or your private yard? Or maybe a closed loggia or an open balcony? All you need to complete your happiness is a high-quality outdoor furniture set that will decorate the interior and give your evenings coziness.



A common person who buys real estate asks himself the question – is it worth investing in interior design specialists? While it seems like you could do everything best yourself and will probably eventually be able to both plan and pick out furniture and interior details, it can be exhausting and take away endless time that can be invested elsewhere.
The design team is not just an interior visual. They think everything down to the last detail, because it is very important that the layout is comfortable in everyday life. Through their practice, they offer the best options for the current situation which are often not very convenient.



We not only produce ready-made wood constructions, but also offer painting of your wood products. Everything is very simple – you bring us your product, we paint it in the color of your choice and give it to you.


Wooden Terrace

When creating the interior of your home, we want style and beauty, but also longevity. The
terrace is one of those places that is seen not only by us but also our guests, neighbors.



icon Environmental protection
icon Easy maintenance
icon Sophistication and beauty
icon Strength and durability