Why Burnt Wood is Best for Facades?

We have a very wide selection of facades. We can offer wood products of various profiles. In order to maintain the commercial appearance of the house for a long time, we use exclusively high-quality wood. We make siding from larch and conifers – spruce and pine. Whatever tree you choose, durability and quality are guaranteed. Larch has an extremely high density, strength and does not rot. Spruce and pine – durability, resistance to moisture. An important aspect of wood is its treatment, as this is what gives the wood even more durability, longevity and resistance to environmental factors.

Exclusive wood burning technology for the facade

SHOU SUGI BAN, a Japanese wood burning technology that has been used for centuries, will not only give your home’s facade cladding an exclusive pattern and color, but will also create unique protection. Wood treated in this way becomes durable, strong and resistant to any climatic conditions. To achieve integrity, the wood is burned at a single speed at high temperatures on an automatic machine. Later, the tree is cooled and combed with the help of special brushes, thus giving the tree a suitable pattern. The wood is then washed and the dust is removed. The last stage is oiling – this step is very important, because oiling provides additional protection to the wood.

This technology is perfect for the implementation of unconventional solutions, because with its help you will create an unique look of siding.

Installation of siding

The installation technique of our products is very simple, so you can easily install the facade siding. Paneling can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The burnt wood facade will blend perfectly into the exterior of your home.

If you want to create an original, natural and luxurious look for your home – this choice is for you.

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