Industrial wood painting

We not only produce ready-made wood constructions, but also offer painting of your wood products. Everything is very simple – you bring us your product, we paint it in the color of your choice and give it to you.

Preparation of wood for painting

Before painting it is very important to prepare the wood properly. You should start by sanding the wood. Dry sandpaper is perfect for this. The wood is sanded in the direction of the fibers until the surface is completely leveled. Dust is removed from the freshly sanded wood and the first coat of paint is applied. After the paint dries, the wood is sanded again to remove any wood fiber hairs. Before painting, it is important to pay attention to whether the wood is not wet. Also, if pests are observed in the wood, it is very important to remove them before painting, otherwise the painting will become of poor quality and short-lived.

Wood aging

We offer a wood aging service for exclusive products. According to your wishes, the wood surface is aged and decorated according to the example you provided. Aged wood elements are widely used in all types of interiors. Whether you decorate your home in Rustic style or it will be modern – aged wood will give your home warmth, coziness and uniqueness.