Wooden Terrace

The Importance of Burnt Wood for Your Patio and Terrace Maintenance

When creating the interior of your home, we want style and beauty, but also longevity. The terrace is one of those places that is seen not only by us but also our guests, neighbors.

How to choose patio wood?

When choosing patio wood it is important to consider its reliability and durability. We work only with the highest quality wood and offer you boards from spruce, pine and larch, as these trees have branches and produce the most beautiful pattern (burning). Which tree to choose is up to you. Both options are great value for money. Of course our consultants are always inclined to help and will be happy to advise on the choice of wood.

No less important is wood processing. Properly treated wood can rise to the highest resistance class, which, when honestly maintained, will last for many years. Burnt wood treated at high temperatures changes the density of the wood, making it more resistant to environmental factors, UV rays and prolonging its life.

Why burnt wood is the best choice for your patio?

We offer you not only high-quality wood, but also a long-lasting wood processing solution using the Japanese burning technology “SHOU SUGI BAN”. The wood is burned at high temperatures. This incineration is carried out at a single speed with the help of automatic machines, thus a continuous incineration is obtained. The tree is then cooled. This is followed by combing with special brushes to obtain the right wood pattern. The tree is washed and all dust removed. The last step is to lubricate the tree with natural oil. This century-old technique is special in that the tree becomes resistant to insects, rot and fire, and most importantly – it can last up to 80 years! Another incredible advantage of this processing technique is that the wood treated in this way acquires an unique look: the texture of the wood is highlighted and an unique color is created, which we extract from the range of natural oil colors.

Choose a professional for the terrace installation and do not forget about maintenance

The installation of the terrace will not cause you any worries either, as our products come to you ready for installation. Of course, if you want to leave this work to professionals – we also offer terrace installation services.

The wood we use and the unique Japanese wood burning technique will give your terrace exclusivity. Long family evenings will not last in the cozy environment of natural wood.