Why is burnt wood the best option for fence?

A fence is not just about protection from strangers. Fences give privacy to your life. The fence can also be an additional decoration for your exterior. We specialize in wooden fences. This type of fence is used very widely – from fencing of rural homesteads to modern town houses. By easily applying the design of the fence, you will give your home exclusivity and uniqueness.

Top quality wood for your fences

As with every product, we always offer only the highest quality materials. In order for the fence to last longer, we use the most durable wood for its production, which we process with a special Japanese wood burning technology. We make fences from spruce, pine and larch. Siberian larch is characterized by high quality and durability. This tree remains durable regardless of weather conditions, does not give in to rotting processes. Spruce wood is resistant to moisture, it has good thermal properties. Pine wood, meanwhile, is strong and tends to crack less. Our consultants will advise you which tree to choose.

Exclusive Japanese processing technology

Burning wood gives the wood another level of resistance and durability. This technology, which has been used for a century, gives the wood properties that make it resistant to fire, rot, insects and lasts for over 80 years. Guarantor of longevity! It is also surprising that wood burning gives the product a unique aesthetic appearance, which makes it easy to create an unique exterior for your home. The selected type of wood is burned at a high temperature, cooled, combed with special brushes, as a result of which an exceptional wood pattern is obtained. The tree is washed and the dust is removed from it. The last stage is lubricating with natural oil. All the technique is done from both sides of the board, as the aesthetics of the fence are important from both sides.

Gates and gate constructions

Of course, we also offer gates and gate constructions for your fences. Fences are made of wood, and gates and gate constructions are made of metal constructions. We will offer you a wide range of products, which will give you free choice and easily create the exterior of your dreams. It is important to mention, our products are unique and they go well with metal and mineral surfaces.